Blocked Drains South Auckland Need Immediate Attention By the Experts

Blocked drains South Auckland can be a nuisance and can lead to overflows that can seriously damage your home and its belongings, and even affect electrical circuits. It can lead to unhygienic conditions that can then become a danger to health.

Blocked drains South Auckland are an inconvenience that must be dealt with as early as possible and can be relatively easy to fix with some simple tools. If you do not want to do this, or if you find it occurring frequently, the problem requires the attention of experts and specialists, like Ross’s Plumbing, who will have drainage engineers that you can call on 24 hours a day.

Drains can be blocked either inside a home or outside it. Outside drains can get clogged from dead leaves building up in them, or even when tree roots find their way into the pipes that make up the drains. Indoor drains can be clogged due to build-up of grease and oil, dirt and dust, hair, bits of paper and cloth, food particles, and many other materials.

One of the best ways of preventing blocked drains South Auckland inside a home is to see that you take steps to ensure that no solid waste is flushed down your drain. Kitchen sinks are quite often used to clear left-over food, but instead, you must scrape plates and dump the food in the garbage can, or use a garbage disposal unit. Use sufficient detergents and sops to break down any grease or oil that does find its way into the drains. Avoid dropping of foreign objects in bathrooms and collect any debris and put them in garbage bins. See that the drains are covered and the drain covers always cleaned. For outside drains, keep your yard clear of leaves that can find their way into drains.

Blocked drains can lead to accumulation of foul-smelling water, that can further lead to leaks through ceilings damp walls, damage to electrical fittings that can cause short circuits, electrocution and injuries. You can unclog drains by using pipe unblockers, or by using simple tricks like boiling water, or DIY cleaners made with vinegar and bicarb. You can also buy caustic cleaners from the market, use a plunger or a plumber’s snake.

When you call in the experts and professionals they will also use plungers and snakes, but may also bring in equipment that allows them to use water ar very high pressure that can force out the blockage and clear the pipe. Whatever the method used, by you or the plumbers, it is important to flush the clogged drain with a lot of water, to ensure that the clogged material that has been loosened is carried away and leaves you with a clean pipe drain.

In extreme cases of blocked drains South Auckland, the plumbers may decide that it is necessary to reach the clogged portion of the pipe and remove and replace that pipe. Let Ross’s Plumbing decide what is the best solution for your clogged drains as they have the requisite skills, the manpower and equipment to do so.